Luuna for a school poster I am working on. Also means I get to try a new way of colouring!

Sep 01st #Fan Art #Luuna #W.I.P

Probably the last of the random junk today, I found a piece I actually want to work on today P: 

Aug 31st #Doodles #My Art

I was away for a week in Portsmouth recently visiting family, and while I was there my grandma painted my spare bjd doll head. I think she did an awesome job and I love what she did so much. We agreed that the doll would probably be a peacock dragon queen who is a little bit snobby.

All I need to do now is get a body for her and a name!

8 Aug 31st #bjd #face up #Scales #doll leaves #Dragon

An unused character. Was going to try puppet animation but never got around to it. May pick it up again though.

Aug 31st #My Art #Character Design

Found this as well, a sketched comic page for a school project two years ago.

Aug 31st #My Art #Comic #Sketch

I have no idea if I’ve already posted these but I was searching through some old folders and found these sketches. They’re of my Animal Crossing New Leaf mayor.

1 Aug 31st #animal crossing #acnl #My Art #sketches #Fan Art

So my Groot pet didn’t pass the copyright panel but that’s okay because I made a cherry blossom happy tree who I’ll probably name … no idea yet XD

9 Aug 18th #Aywas #Kernal

I am Groot.

I decided that Baby Groot was too adorable and tried to make a Custom Kernal that looked a bit like him!

21 Aug 15th #Aywas #Kernal #Groot

And the rest of my entrys!

Aug 11th #Aywas #aywas scav #scavenger hunt #Teo

About half of the things I did for the Aywas Scav hunt this year. I won’t do very well point wise considering it was only me on Team Haven (No one else wanted me ( ≧Д≦)   ) But it was still super fun!

2 Aug 11th #Aywas #aywas scav #scavenger hunt #Fan Art #My Art